miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014

Mr... what?

“For more than 50 years, Mr Clean has been a beloved cleaning brand trusted by millions of consumers. In 1957, our beloved Mr Clean icon was born. Mr Clean was created by Chicago Art Director Ernie Allen.”
 Procter&Gamble Co.

It's been a tough month. End of vacations. Handing-in final assignments. Study week. Exam week. That's why I haven't posted in one month, and I apologize for that. But finally assignments and exams are over and after 1 week of relax in London here I am again. As you all may know today in GAA we're going to talk about Mr Clean, or Mr Proper... or Don Limpio... well, this bald guy that cleans everything. 

So, first of all, who's actually Mr Clean? 
Well, according to the company, the original model is a Navy sailor from the city of Pensacola, FL, although most people think he is a genie based on his earring, folded arms, and tendency to magically appear at the appropriate time. Mr Clean has always smiled on the packaging, except for a brief time in the mid 1960's when he was frowning on the package. However, he has never talked.

Why changing the name?
The main problem was that each country had the exact same packaging and naming but in a different price, so supermarkets and other shops would go to another country to buy it cheaper and then increase the selling price in their home country.
For this reason, P&G (company that owns Mr Clean) decided to adapt the name of the product, so one could see where did the product come from. However, P&G stated that the change was basically "to avoid confusions with the meaning of the product or with other similar brands".
The different names are:

       Mr Clean in USA
       Don Limpio, in Spain (originally launched and sold for years as 'Mister Proper')
       Maestro Limpio, in Mexico and Puerto Rico
       Mastro Lindo, in Italy and Malta
       Meister Proper, in Germany (originally; labeled now as Mr. Proper)
       Meneer Proper, in Belgium (Flandes) (Colloquially, the brand is known as 'Mister Proper')
       Pan Proper, in Poland
       Mister Proper, in Eastern Europe
       Monsieur Net, in Quebec and French Canada
       Monsieur Propre, in France
                            Romuald Diego, in Philipines

Note that in the UK and Ireland the product is sold under the brand name Flash because the name Mr. Clean was already used by another company. Furthermore, in these two countries the mascot does not exist.